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OC: Current Row by Kyoichin OC: Current Row by Kyoichin
More about Current (more may be added in the future):

Current's name is based on a character with a same name in my dream I once had. I woke up and thought what a weird name - MUST USE! His last name though I came up with later when I decided that I want him to be called 'Crow' at some points (you know - the bird). I think you see what I did there. Current lives in Japan, so he's gotta have his name written in katakana also: カレント・ロウ


    ·       Hair: Red, short

    ·       Original hair color: Light brown

    ·       Eyes: Gold-brown

    ·       Clothes: Black jacket and black jeans, under the jacket white long-sleeved V-neck T-shirt

    ·       Shoes: White combat boots with some steel armoring and hidden edged weapons

    ·       Piercings: Left ear 6, right ear 3

    ·       Other accessories: Belt and chain, silver ring on this left thumb


Defining characteristics (habits, likes etc.)

Current is very observant and listens to his comrades yapping nonsense about things in live. He himself isn’t very talkative but when he speaks, oh, people let him.

Being intimidating, people are often afraid of him, knowing his reputation as a very strong fighter. Despite that, he’s very protecting when something important to him is in danger - he’ll do anything for them. Usually he only needs to give the glare of “I’ll make your life living hell” and that usually does it. If it doesn’t, shit’s about to go down.

You may see him keeping his hands in pockets of his jeans a lot (like in this one too). Judging by all his piercings and accessories, he likes silver objects alot, like crows like shiny things.  


Current is from a wealthy and rich family. His mother is Korean and father Australian. He is to be his father’s successor in business, but it isn’t what Current wants. He escapes all the responsibilities – skips school, hangs out with his gang members.

Current met his cousin, Gemma Row, after so long. With Gemma he played a lot when they were just toddlers. Gemma’s father worked in the Row family business but he was fired and his family, moved away. Current and Gemma never saw each other again, until Gemma started high school in bigger city and accidentally bumped into Current on the street. They don’t meet up that often, but even so, Current cares for Gemma and he is looking after her.


Street-fighting and his ‘gang’

Current is the leader of his 7-membered “gang”, as outsiders might call it. He didn’t choose to be the leader, he just ended up that way naturally, being strong and respected, not only by his comrades, also by many other gangs.

If someone harasses children or elderly - any innocent people, or even throws rubbish on the ground under their watch, isn’t going to let it slide. Known as ‘Crow’ (クロウ) on the streets, people are aware and scared of him, despite his purposes to do good and to protect people.

Current prefers to not to use any weapons when fighting. He did BudōJapanese martial arts (mostly judo and aikido), when in elementary and junior high school, now on the streets kicking everyone’s asses.


Love relationships

Current’s parents, mostly his mother, try to set him up with an arranged marriage, reasons  being that the successor needs a wife to gain good publicity for the Row family and Current doesn’t seem to be interested in any women at the moment or  not even in the near future.

 His schoolmate, Jun (18), confessed to Current on their second year in high school. Ever since then Jun has been hanging out with Current and his gang after school, even though he isn’t part of it, never mind, he doesn’t even do street-fighting. Current hasn’t yet said that he loves Jun back, but he definitely feels something towards that gentle-eyed boy since he can’t seem to ditch him. Why you ask, well they do make out sometimes.

Currents theme song(s):

Life Of My Own - 3 Doors Down…

MsGenny Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oikein komia ilmestys hän on kyllä B)
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kiitäs kovasti B)
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What a handsome fellow he is! Me like very much
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